Associate Vicar & Lead Pastor for Christ the King

This is an exciting opportunity to impact the lives of the people in Kettering, both in the church and beyond.

We are a Community of Disciples on an Adventure Together of becoming more like Jesus and helping others to do the same.

Each word is important:

  • ‘Community’ and ‘Together’ because we try to live out the Christian life with one another.

  • ‘Disciples’ because the word implies that we are always learning – the journey is never over while we are still alive.

  • ‘Adventure’ because the walk with Jesus should never be boring!

  • ‘Becoming more like Jesus’ because it should always be our goal to try to become more like the most perfect human being who ever lived, the one who is our Lord and Saviour.

  • ‘Helping Others’ because what we have is so good that it needs to be shared.

Who are we looking for?

  • A joyful, enthusiastic, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, prayerful disciple of Jesus, who will delight in seeing God at work in our parish and wider community.

  • A Lead Pastor with a passion to serve Christ and demonstrate the love of Jesus through action, in caring for others within the church family, and across the Parish.

  • While we are looking for someone who has the right mix of competences, we are much more interested in finding someone committed to becoming more Christ-like in character, with whom we have chemistry, and who will feel at home in our church culture.

To apply for this role or find out more information, please visit the website for Christ the King, or If you would like an informal conversation about this post, please contact our Vicar, Rob Bewley, on 01536 512828.