Bishops' Bible Day - Saturday 9 March

The Bishops' Bible Day is a day for everyone to explore the Bible together.

All are welcome.


Following the success of our Bible Day last year we are delighted that The Revd Dr Isabelle Hamley will be returning as our key speaker on the day which will be hosted by Bishop Debbie and Bishop John on Saturday 9 March at Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton.

Isabelle is a former Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the author of the popular and accessible Lent Book “Embracing Justice”, and currently Theological Adviser to the House of Bishops. Isabelle is about to take up the post of Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. She will speak on the book of Judges with a special focus on leadership and community to reflect our season of welcome for Bishop Debbie.

There will also be a range of practical and interactive workshops, and an opportunity to hear from Bishop Debbie as she starts her ministry in the Diocese.

Please bring a packed lunch with you. Hot drinks will be available throughout the day.

We would ask that you make what contribution you can towards the cost of the day as a whole, when you book. The cost to the diocese is approximately £12 per person, but we do not expect you to pay this much, unless you wish.

We suggest bringing a water bottle. Water machines are available at the school.

Enquiries to:


9.30am Arrivals and Coffee

10.00 Welcome and Opening Worship

10.20 Address from Isabelle Hamley

11.10 Workshop 1

12.15pm Lunch (please bring a packed lunch)

1.10 Workshop 2

2.10 Break

2.40 Address from Isabelle Hamley

3.20 We welcome Bishop Debbie to the Diocese

3.50 Closing Worship

4.00 Depart




Workshops—You will have the opportunity to attend 2 workshops during the Bible Day. When booking please choose two preferred and two reserve workshops.


Workshop choices are:

1.Mob rule or Godly rule? Can we be the judge of that? As we look at the chaos of our world today it is easy to think that the mob rule with all that is going on. But who really does rule? Does God or are we allowing someone or something else to rule the world if not rule our lives? Perhaps a look at the Book of Judges will give us wise counsel?. Vyv Wainwright

2.Conflict with God never ends well: How to stay close to the One who loves us. In the Book of Judges, the people were regularly in conflict with God. Carrying on that theme, we will be looking though the Bible at people who got out of step with God and will then consider how they could have handled things differently. Richard Ormston

3.How can wondering about scripture empower children to lead in primary schools? Exploring Judges and Jesus, lessons for life, alongside the voices of children and young people. Short films of children’s conversation around this will help us explore what God might be saying to us through reading scripture integenerationally. Charlotte Nobbs & Claire Barber

4.Reading Judges with those in the Justice system: hearing the voices of Prison Chaplains and those they work with. Taking some time to explore themes from the book of Judges with those whose voices are rarely heard. What is God saying to them and to us as we read scripture together? Helen Dearnley

5.God and prayer in Judges 13 – 21 There are no positive role models in these chapters of the book of Judges and worse, every description of ghastly human behaviour is apparent in our world today. Where is God and what can we discover about prayer and God’s Kingdom? (Please be aware that stories in Judges 13 – 21 depict torture, sexual violence, disproportionate vengeance and other distressing features). Lakshmi Jefferys

6. An Anna Chaplain meets Samson. In this workshop we shall look at what we can learn about the spirituality of ageing from the life of Samson and what the ministry of Anna Chaplaincy can offer to older people today. Liz Kelly

7.Quiet faithfulness in noisy times. Exploring the story of Ruth, set “in the days when the judges ruled”. A story of everyday discipleship and how the small moments of our lives get caught up in God‘s grand designs. Steve Benoy

8.Gloriana and the Rainbow. A Scripture based art history and art activity workshop. Difficult Scripture passages can sometimes challenge us. In this session Caroline Hawkins, Reader and Art History Tutor uses the "The Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I" to help us gain a foothold and entry point of engagement with some of the issues in Judges. During the session there will be an opportunity for your own response to Scripture using watercolours, and the technique of Lectio Visio .Caroline Hawkins and Sue Donnelly

9.Judges in Art. A look together at four great paintings that illuminate stories from the Book of Judges. Bishop John

10.Intergenerational Café Church. Come and experience an example of intergenerational church based on the Book of Judges that works with all ages. Pete and Nat White & Grange Park Church team.

11.What's in a name? We invite you to join us in exploring Deborah’s story in the book of Judges and reflecting on how your name speaks into your unique calling and ministry - where your joy is to be found. Debbie Smith-Wilds and Deborah Marsh

12.Gideon: Small is beautiful. How can a tiny group led by a shy leader make a real difference? Charlie Nobbs

13.Share Your Story: Taster of a great resource to help people grow in confidence to tell their story of faith (like they did in Judges). Linnet Smith


Bishop's Bible Day 2024 - All are welcome to print this poster and use it to invite others. 


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