Thought for the Day

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic clergy and officers from the diocese have shared a 'thought for the day' video via social media.  Below are links to the last three months' 'Thought for the Day'.  Previous Thought for the Day videos are availble on the Diocesan YouTube channel.

Unconditional love

Lakshmi Jeffrey’s talks about the power of God's love as well as the new commandment Jesus gave to us to love one another as I have loved you.

Faith Journey

Morna Simpson shares her thought for the day from a mission conference, joined by Graham a priest in the diocese of Norwich who shares with us his faith journey.

What Can I Do?

Bev Hollins talks about Caroline Chisholm a 19th-century English humanitarian and reminds us that we can help even in the smallest way to show God’s Love and ask us “what is God calling you to do?”

Night Prayer

Alison Booker reads Psalm 104 and recommends adding the hymn for Night Prayer into your evening routine, encouraging us to surrender our worries into God’s hands.

Trust and Believe

Tim Alban Jones shares with us that it is our calling, joy, privilege and sometimes frustration to share whenever we can the Good News that Jesus is alive today, and that we shouldn’t be deterred by those who still won’t believe.

Shepherd’s and Sheep

Richard Ormston shares with us a funny moment on Blue Peter when John Noakes was trying to get a Border Collie called Shep to heard sheep, reminding us of our Good Shepard, Jesus who walks with us through the good times and the bad.

I forgive you 

Jenny speaks on the power of these words when they accompany someone genuinely saying sorry and reminds us of the impact of confession and absolution each week.

Waiting Time

Waiting is a part of life, Lakshmi Jeffrey's shares with us things we can do while we wait, reminding us also that we are not alone as Jesus said "I am with you always".


Morna Simpson talks to us about social media and how her opinions have changed over the years and encourages us to find ways to connect to your community as well as finding moments of silence to hear God.

Visible Scars

Chris Dalliston shares with us that through the Cathedrals long history it has gone through some dark and painful eras which has left some visible scars but reminds us that during these times there is a light that shines through the darkness, but we must continue to pray.


Bev Hollins shares with us the news about the unbearable heatwave in India, encouraging us that anything we do no matter how small to help climate change can and will make a difference and asks us ‘are you prepared to make the sacrifice to make that difference?”

Catherine of Siena

Today the church remembers Catherine of Siena, Tim Alban Jones shares with us why we remember her and the two things we can learn from the 14th century nun in today’s world.


Alison Booker reads Psalm 15 and then reflects on how different the verses meaning would be if she had stopped there and not continued on to the next verse, reminding us of the importance to keep reading on.

Your Loved

Richard Ormston reminds us that we are always the focus of Jesus’ attention although somedays you may feel unnoticed or on the edge and shares with us stories from the bible when Jesus spent time with people on the fringe.

The discipline of rest

Jenny reflects on the difficulty of switching off and tells a story about a little dog sleeping in the sun who inspired her to enjoy, relax and rest well. The seasons of life will come and go - it’s about enjoying the season you’re in!

What, Why and When

 Michael Moore wanders why as adults we no longer ask questions about our faith and gives us a challenge to sit down and really think about the Easter story and where you fit into it?

Your Story

Richard Ormston encourages us to not get distracted with other people’s lives but focus on your own and shares with us a funny story which involved eaves dropping.

Three Days

Morna Simpson shares with us her small tweaks to her prayer life and asks us “what are you going to take away from Lent, what small tweaks will you make to continue prayer with God?”


On National Bike Day Bev Hollins shares with us a dramatic experience she went through on a bike as well as the progress she's making on the coach to 10k, and encourages us to look for something today that makes you smile.


Tim Alban Jones reminds us that Easter Monday is the first of 40 days of celebration, and encourages us to think about how Jesus is alive and how it affects your life today.

Good Friday

Alison Booker takes us through the events of Good Friday through Luke’s Gospel and Psalm 31.

Maundy Thursday

Richard Ormston discusses with us the main theme of St John’s Gospel, as well as reading part of Psalm 22, asking us today to reflect on what Jesus has done for us.

Feeling Lost

Jenny reflects on the themes of Holy Week, considering the pain, worry and panic that comes with feeling ‘lost’ and how the cross brings harmony, togetherness and a way of being ‘found’ that can never be broken.


Lakshmi Jeffrey’s encourages us to look for the tiny glimpses of Grace that God provides during life’s challenges, but also reminds us we can cry out to the Lord and ask Why.


Michael Moore talks about appearances and reminds us in a world that can be critical, you were created by God and are beautiful on the outside but asks us “What do I need to fix on the inside?”

One Way

Morna Simpson shares with us a piece of spoken word called “One-Way Traffic” and encourages us not to get disheartened by those who don’t return to church after Easter.

Peterborough Cathedral

Chris Dalliston talks about the durability but also the vulnerability of the Cathedral as well as the message behind the red and gold cross that hangs in the Nave.


 As we approach Holy Week Bev Hollins reflects on the moment at the end of Good Friday and talks to us about grief and the comfort that comes after time.

Places of Worship

Tim Alban Jones shares with us that the wonderful church buildings surrounding Peterborough Diocese are not just places of memory, they are also sermons in stone pointing to the mysterious of the Love of God.

Why Lord

Alison Booker talks about moving towards Holy Week and why when something happens we ask the question why, the same question Mary and Martha asked when Lazarus died (John 11:1-44)

Unfinished Business

Richard Ormston talks about the abrupt endings of Mark’s Gospel and the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, reminding us that as Christians our unfinished business is to share the Good News!

He’s here!

Jenny offers a thought for the day from the side of the M6 (!) reflecting on gratitude in tough times and God as our rescuer, our ever present help in times of trouble. NB - everyone safe and well (including the car).

Room to Grow

Just like Michael’s broad beans which take time to grow, the Christian life is also a cycle and for us to grow we need to connect with God and say here I am.


Fake news goes as far back as the Old Testament as Lakshmi tells the story of the Twelve Spies (Numbers 13:1-33) and reminds us not to give into fear but turn back to God and trust Him.


Morna Simpson discusses the Oscars and a book called ‘Hope not fear’ by Hassan Akkad and asks us "what is it that God has put in your heart... what is your Oscar?”

Change is Good

Bev Hollins talks about Thomas Cranmer the leader of the English Reformation and Archbishop of Canterbury during the reigns of Henry VIII as well as The Book of Common Prayer.

Please and Thank you

Richard Ormston reminds us that prayer is a relationship with God and sets us a challenge to be a thankful person.

As We Are

Jenny reflects on some conversations about Ash Wednesday she’s had and remind us that our shame and embarrassment isn’t the end of the story! She considers the poem ‘Love’ by George Herbert and God’s compassion, love and desire for us to be close.


Michael Moore prompts us next time we look in a mirror to ask “do you love your neighbour as yourself?” after sharing with us the warning in Galatians 5:15. 

Way Forward

Lakshmi Jeffrey’s reminds us we need to be more like Jesus in showing love and compassion and although you may feel helpless God is there to help you.


Morna Simpson discusses how far Germany has come since the end of the Second World War, after reading a book called “Why the Germans Do it Better"

More Valuable than Money

Richard Ormston shares with us the Parable of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl and talks about the things that money can’t buy as well as the Fruits of the Spirit.

Pray for Ukraine

Bev Hollins reminds us during difficult times we can cry out to God, who is always with us and asks that we all continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, and provides comforting words through Psalm 46.


Seeking the God of all peace. As the situation in Ukraine develops, Jenny talks about peace and leads us in a short liturgy for moments of emergency.

The Right Pace

Morna Simpson talks about managing transitions at a steady pace and shares with us some original spoken word called ‘The Bread of Love’

Taking Part

Richard Ormston encourages us to take part weather you feel your average or have never won anything, reminding us that God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.


Richard Ormston talks on how the things that unite us are far more important than the things that divide us and prays that our world will see that we have so much in common.

Love and Fear

Lakshmi Jeffrey’s reminds us when we love God, we must also show love to each other and asks us “What can you do to show love?”


With it being Valentine’s day Michael Moore talks on the subject of love, reminding us that there is a different kind of love…the love that Jesus has for you.

Listen to God

Bev Hollins reads Isaiah 35 and talks on the subject of climate change, reminding us that doing our small bit will make a difference and asks each one of us “what can you do to help?”


Jenny Ingram talks to Charlotte Nobbs the Children’s Mission Enabler who gives us advice on sharing faith with children and talking about wow, ouch and now moments.


Morna Simpson takes a moment to brew her coffee outside, talking on the subject of slowing down and turning your face back to God and reads Proverbs 4:23.


Richard Ormston shares with us examples of when Jesus talked to people on the fringe and encourages us to be more like Christ and look out for those in need.

Strike a Conversation

Richard Ormston encourages us to start conversations and to chat our way through discipleship with other Christians, reminding us that God is always with us.

A Demanding Week

Lakshmi Jeffery’s talks about her week and asks “why is it so difficult to say please would you help me and thank you for helping me?”


Michael Moore has had a haircut and talks about change spiritually and physically, challenging us to look at ourselves and see if we need to change so that when people see us they see a Christian.

Being Christian

Bev Hollins talks about the Selkirk Grace, a prayer said on Burns Night, reminding us that as Christians we need to seek to look out for and care for those who are in need.

Planning Ahead

Jenny Ingram talks about planning ahead and how the journey is not always straight forward and even when trying something new it can present challenges, so let’s keep going….

Mirrors and Reflections

Richard Ormston shares with us some famous sayings about mirrors and talks about how we are made in the image of God, reading 1 Corinthians 11.

Seeing the Light

Morna Simpson talks about contemplative photography and the importance of light, reading John 1:5 and asks us “where do you struggle to find God’s divine light?”


Lakshmi Jeffery’s talks on the subject of wisdom, reading Proverbs 9:10 and 20:5 and reminds us to put God first and then find godly people to follow.

Jesus isn’t just for Christmas

Michael Moore asks “do you talk about Jesus all year round or just at Christmas?” and challenges us to step up this New Year and come closer to Jesus by spending more time with him.


Bev Hollins recommends reading the encouraging book of Isaiah, and focuses on chapters 40 – 66, which brings hope to the people of Israel who are in exile and discusses with us change using an example of a tree.

New Year’s Resolution

Jenny Ingram asks us “how is your New Year's resolutions going?” and challenges us to think of two words to use throughout 2022 a word that connects us better with ourselves and one that develops our relationship with God.

New Year Wintering!

Morna Simpson reads Psalm 127:2 and recommends to us a book called 'Wintering' by Katherine May, you can find an edited - version on BBC Radio 4


Richard Ormston reminds us that Christmas is all about Jesus but also talks about three characters which we sometimes overlook in the Christmas story the donkey, Joseph and Herod.


Lakshmi Jeffery’s talks about having the right attitude towards situations we find ourselves in and putting your faith in God, asking us “what can you be thankful for today?”

Say yes to God

Michael Moore talks about family trees and what Mary did in the world by saying yes to God and encourages us this Christmas to also say yes to God and spread the Good News!

God and Wisdom

Bev Hollins talks about the O Antiphons or Great Os with today’s being O Wisdom and reads chapters 7-8 from the Wisdom of Solomon.

Christmas, Grief and Worship

Jenny Ingram talks about worship and grief at this festive time and shares with us two ideas that will help those grieving celebrate Christmas this year.

Plan A

Paul Adams talks about the festive period and all that it can bring and tells us that we are Gods plan A and we need to share the Good News during this Christmas period.

Joy of Togetherness

Morna Simpson talks about the joy of praying with others and shares with us an original poem called “My soul proclaims the greatness of Our God”

Christmas Cards

Richard Ormston talks about his three favorite Christmas cards and encourages us to pray for those who we receive Christmas cards from.


Lakshmi Jeffery’s talks about the importance of words and how we use them and asks us “How are you going to use your words today?”


Michael Moore asks us “can you remember being given a small insect to hold as a child?” while reminding us that God also holds us in the Palm of His Hand and continues to provide us with protection.

What If ?

Morna Simpson shares with us a piece of original spoken word and talks about a recent book called Trauma and Grace by Serene Jones.


Bev Hollins talks about the enjoyment of being in the audience at the theatre and compares this to how sometimes the church can be the same way and asks us where is God?


Richard encourages us to get back the vision of a child when looking at the enormity of God.


Richard reminds us that in the Gospels, again and again we get the feeling we are in a team, that Jesus is holding us in “His” team. That Jesus’ team is not just for the 11 disciples, or for the elite or expensive people around the world, but for everyone.

White Ribbon Day

Morna reminds us of how Jesus aligned himself with those on the margins and challenges us on how we can align ourselves with those who have no voice within our society. If you have any concerns about anyone in your church you can speak to your safeguarding officer. You can also find more information about domestic violence and abuse out here: or here:

Whom or what do you trust?

Lakshmi challenges us on putting our belief into practice and trusting in the living God

This won’t get the baby a new dress

Michael Moore challenges us on what we can do to get out there and action what Jesus is calling us to do.

Teaching and Learning

Paul Adams talks about the willingness we must have to learn from teachings and explains the two words that come to mind disciple and apprentice.


Jenny Ingram shares with us lyrics from a worship song called the “Way Maker” by Leeland, reminding us that God is working in your life although it may not seem it to you at the moment.

Lead up to Events

Richard Ormston talks about Remembrance Sunday and the lead up to such events and prays that we will continue to strive for peace.

Armistice Day

Richard Ormston reminds us that we must never forget the cost of our freedom and never take it for granted, sharing with us stories from those who have experienced conflict.

Put Me First

Lakshmi Jeffery’s talks about COP26, the environment and creation and asks us “how will you put God first, so you’ll learn to care better?


Michael Moore sets us a challenge to think of 3 or 4 sayings that you know and to email and let’s see how many we can come up with.


Bev Hollins talks about the remembrance events that take place during November and the importance of learning the lessons, asking us to also remember the good God has done.

Rebuilding the Church

Paul Adams continues his talk on St. Francis and rebuilding the church after COVID, asking us “how is God calling you to rebuild your church at the moment?”

Autumn Creation

Jenny Ingram talks about God’s glory in autumn creation and when and how we might carve out time to pay it special attention.

Saints in Life

Yesterday was All Saints’ Day and Morna Simpson shares with us the Saints who have inspired, encouraged and helped her through her faith journey.

Do Good

Pete Squires reads Galatians 6:9-10 and shares with us two things on the subject of never giving up doing what is good, we need to do something.


Richard Ormston while in Yorkshire talks about William Grimshaw of Haworth and encourages us to think a little outside the box and be creative.

God is…

Lakshmi Jeffreys talks about her friend Kate who was paralyzed after an accident and trusts that God will help her walk again and then asks us “how big is your God?”

New Season

Michael Moore tells us a story about a child with muddy hands and a white dress and asks us to think of things past and present that you haven’t said sorry to God for.

Our Planet

Bev Hollins urges us to pray for all involved in the COP26 conference, reminding us that we have one precious planet and it is all our responsibility to help take care of it


Pete Squires reads Matthew 26:41 and Exodus 13:21-22 and encourages us to look up look up look up and see the taste of healing love.


Jenny Ingram shares with us a friend’s anecdote about a seashell and asks us “Have you ever been told an anecdote that stays with you and reveals the character of the person?”

Mental Health

Morna Simpson talks about Mental Health and shares with us a piece of original spoken word called “semicolon”

Content warning – if anything is unearthed during this video please speak to a GP, teacher, colleague, friend or safeguarding advisor.

Have a Break

Richard Ormston uses the Kit Kat slogan to remind us that it’s important to stop and be still and encourages us this week to find some time to take a break.


Lakshmi Jeffreys reminds us we enter the Kingdom of God like a child and asks us to think about how children are for children notice beauty, hope and kindness.

Cheer On

Jenny Ingram shares her first experience taking part in a Park Run and asks us two questions “Who are the people cheering you on? And who can you encourage and cheer on?”


Morna Simpson encourages us to go out this week and use the S.Y.N.C method Stillness. Yield. Notice. Contemplate and ask God to help guide your focus.

Bible Study

Pete Squires discusses Mark 5 and encourages us to pick up our bible and take a deeper look, for when we go deeper more is revealed.


Richard Ormston recalls us with stories from his ministry, when he played Russian roulette with eggs at a family service or the memories from times in care homes.


Lakshmi Jeffreys talks us through her plans for the retreat she had scheduled but shares with us the reasons it all changed and how it became life changing.


Michael Moore uses an example of a horse chestnut to describe how Jesus wants to protect, care and look after us.


Bev Hollins talks about retreats and the benefits that come with them and encourages us to take time out to be still and know God.

Church Size

Paul Adams encourages us to accept the challenge from God to grow our church one person at a time through introducing them to Jesus.

The Wondrous Cross

Pete Squires talks us through the hymn When I Survey the Wondrous Cross by Isaac Watts and reminds us that sometimes we can take for granted the singing and worship in church.


Richard Ormston reads Isaiah 49 and reminds us we are always on God's mind, he remembers us and forgives us our sins.


Michael Moore thinks about the process and the people involved in making tea, encouraging us to thank someone today.

Fasting or Feasting

Paul Adams reminds us that sometimes we have to come out of our comfort zone to try or do something new and ask us “Is God calling you or your church to something new and unexpected?”


Bev Hollins shares with us what Proverbs says about wisdom and finance, encouraging us to give and share when we can.

Simple Things

Pete Squires reads 1 Kings 19: 11 and reminds us it’s not always big and dramatic that God speaks, but sometimes in a gentle whisper.


Michael Moore encourages us when we are faced with a new or difficult situation to take a step back, judge the situation and then act in a positive way.


Paul Adams reads Matthew 28: 16-20 and shares with us three encouragements for when we get out into the world to share God’s message of love and salvation.

Saint John Chrysostom

Bev Hollins talks about the feast days of John Chrysostom who after his death was named "golden-mouthed."


Richard Ormston shares with us a story about a lost ring and how he felt once it was found, reminding us that God is filled with joy when we come back home to him.


Pete Squires shares with us the acronym A.C.T.S the sweet aroma of prayer.


Michael Moore talks today about opposites and challenges us when we see a negative to pray for the positive.


Paul Adams reads The Parable of The Great Banquet - Luke 14:16-24 and asks us “can you invite someone to your church this week?”

New Beginnings

Bev Hollins reads Lamentations 3:20-25 and talks about time, school routines and new beginnings.


Pete Squires reminds us that knowing God it’s all about relationship! Some examples include prayer, bible groups, apps and reading his word.