Church Army Discovery Evening

The evening starts at 7pm and is for individuals or groups who are wanting to find out more about Church Army. We briefly give some of our history, and share our vision and values for today.  At the event you will hear from Church Army Mission Community members and Commissioned Evangelists working in one of our Centres of Mission and should finish around 9.30pm.  We have over 30 Centres of Mission with paid Evangelists and volunteers working in partnership with a local diocese across the UK and Ireland.

We will outline what it means to be part of the Mission Community and also give an initial introduction to what it means to train as a Church Army commissioned evangelist. We hope that the process will enable you to see where God is calling you either as a supporter, to join the Community, or perhaps train with us. Church Army commissioned evangelists come from all walks of life and church traditions and are Admitted into the Office of Evangelist to work in a variety of roles across the Church. 

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Andrew Payne: or register your place here.