Diocesan Advisory Committee


Our churches exist to help us worship God, they are also often historic, important places. Most of them are listed buildings. Because of this there are laws that govern how we manage and care for them.

Changes to church buildings and churchyards are governed by faculty jurisdiction and permission is required from the Chancellor of the Diocese or the Archdeacon for most works of repair, adaptation or improvement.

The Chancellor and Archdeacons are advised by a diocesan body called the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC), a formal body set up by Church of England legislation.  The DAC is a group of volunteer specialists who give their time feely to assist parishes in the care of churches.  This support is offered both through considering applications for permission but also by aiding churches in developing proposals and in the general management of churches.

In exercising their role, the DAC must have due regard to the church as a local centre of mission and ministry in addition to considering the special character or significance of the church building. If you would like further information or to request a meeting or a site visit or to apply for permissions please click here.


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