Support for Parishes

Providing support for the officers and people of the parishes that make up the diocese is a vital function of the diocesan teams.


Four young people looking across a city skyline

Children And Youth

 "one generation shall praise God's works to one another" (Psalm 145:4). Resources to encourage parishes in mission and ministry  with a special focus on children and young people...

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Mission And Growth

Resources support and training  to inspire mission and evangelism in parishes to encourage growth in our church family....

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Generous Giving

"Generous Giving is at the heart of discipleship, for we are never more like God than when we are giving."...

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Responding to climate change is an essential part of our responsiblity to safeguard God's creation. These resources are provided to assist all parishes to work, in faith, practice and mission , towards net zero carbon emmissions by 2030...

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A churchyard and church building

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An open Bible next to a notebook and pen

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Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Peterborough, how can we help?...

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DAC and Historic Buildings

Help with all matters to do with the fabric of church buildings or churchyards. 

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