Diocesan Synod

Every diocese has its own Diocesan Synod consisting of bishops, archdeacons, elected laity and elected clergy. Diocesan Synod has a varied and wide ranging role in the governance of the diocese.  It considers matters affecting the Church of England in the diocese; it advises the diocesan bishop where requested to do so; it acts as a forum for debate of Christian opinion on matters of religious or public interest; it formulates diocesan policy on a wide range of issues; it deals with matters referred to it by General Synod. 

Diocesan Synod papers are issued from the office of the Diocesan Secretary. Please contact sharon.welbourne@peterborough-diocese.org.uk if you have any queries. 

See here for the Standing Orders for Diocesan Synod

Meeting Dates 2024

The Diocesan Synod takes place twice a year starting at 10am, and can only be attended by those who are a member of the Synod.

Saturday 23rd March 2024

Saturday 12th October 2024

 Click here for minutes from the latest Diocesan Synod

This year is an election year and we are inviting parishioners in the Diocese to stand.  Any Clerk in Holy Orders who is a voting member of a deanery synod, and any lay person who is a member of a church electoral roll may stand as a candidate. Elections will take place in May - July 2024. Full details and nomination forms can be found below:

Full notice - PDF                         

Clergy Nomination Form - PDF     

Laity Nomination Form - PDF       

Elected Members of Synod

Northampton Archdeaconry


House of Laity

House of Clergy


Roger Neill

Sue Yates

Nick Leggett

2 Vacancies


Chris Banks

Alan Chantler

Lynda Johnson

Grame Anderson

David Reith

Stephen Trott

Alison Twigg


Robin Baker

Mark Lane

Pat Milner

Stephen Burrows

Malcolm Ingham

Dawn Stokes

Greater Northampton

David Johnson

Clare Pearce

Hilary Spenceley

5 Vacancies

Nick Alexander

Richard Burbidge

Jane Butler

Mandy Cuthbertson

Judy Evans

Lakshmi Jeffreys

Haydon Spenceley

Chrys Tremththanmor

Roger Woods


Sharron Bland

Margaret Holton

Daniel Lister

George Frost

Karen Jongman

James Pennington


Robert Addie

Geoff Baguley

Jennifer Smith

Caroline Wood

1 Vacancy

Katrina Hutchins

Morna Simpson

Ray Railton

Paula York

1 Vacancy


Oakham Archdeaconry


House of Laity

House of Clergy


David Bavin

John Hindle

Donna Winch

Heather Lowe

Kevin Montgomery

Ian Pullinger


Chris Butts

Andrew Presland

Anthony Smith

John Thorne

2 Vacancies


Martin Adamson

Steve Atkins

Adrian Keach

Peter Jackson

Susan Lamb

Julia Powell

Rob Bewley

Gillian Gamble

Nicki Hobbs

Hannah Jeffrey

Patrick Kelleher

David Walsh


Stephen Barber

Carolyn Brawn

1 Vacancy 

Beatrice Brandon

Eddie Smith

Stephen Webster


Jane Bull

Hilary Dawson

Phil Gealy

Frank Smith

Rob Taylor

Gary Alderson

Jackie Bullen

Kevin Fear

Sue Fear

Micheal Moore

1 Vacancy


John Leefe

Jill Mayhew

John Tomalin 

Sue Cross

1 Vacancy

Jane Baxter

Stephen Griffiths

Deborah Marsh

Don McGarrigle

Rachel Watts


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