Diocesan Link with the Korean Church

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What is a diocesan link?

Every diocese in the Church of England has one or more links with a diocese in another part of the Anglican Communion. These links are expressed through regular communication including exchange visits, and links between schools and parishes.  For some links there is an element of fund raising for specific projects.


The link between Peterborough and South Korea

Our diocesan Mothers Union has had a link with the Korean church for some time, and it was just prior to the Lambeth Conference in 2008 that discussions began about the formation of a wider diocesan link. 

In June 2011, at Peterborough Cathedral, a declaration of intent was signed by Bishop Donald and Bishop Paul (Primate of the Anglican Church of Korea and Bishop of Seoul). This has been the foundation for deepening friendship and discussions between the two dioceses.  Since 2016 the link has widened to include diocese of Busan and Dajeon.

There are annual trips to and from Korea with bishops, priests and laity travelling both ways to share experiences, discuss mutual interests and establish parish links.  

Currently there are established parish links bewtween the parishes of All Saints Peterborough and Dae-Hak-Ro Church, St Peter and St Paul Kettering and Osan Semadae Church, and between the Cathedrals of Peterborough and Seoul.  Further links are currently being explored, including a link between two schools.


Bishop John talking to people in South KoreaThe Anglican Church in Korea

The Anglican Church in Korea started in 1890 when Charles John Corfe, a naval chaplain, was sent there as its first bishop. Since 1965 it has been an Anglican province and now has three dioceses, two hundred or more priests, a university, four religious communities and sixty social welfare centres.  


Further Infomation

If you are interested in finding out more about our diocesan link please be in touch with Alex Tolley.

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