Bishop Debbie is elected by the Canons of Peterborough Cathedral

On Thursday 16 November the Canons of Peterborough Cathedral elected Debbie Sellin as the next Bishop of Peterborough.  

This election, which takes its name from the original Latin meaning of the word to confirm or endorse, rather than how we might understand election where people vote is an important part on the journey towards Debbie’s installation at the Cathedral next March. 

The canons are a team of lay and ordained ambassadors, advisors and advocates for the Cathedral and they undertake the crucial role of electing our new bishop before it is confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in December. Following the confirmation, Bishop Debbie will meet with the King prior to her installation at a special service in Peterborough Cathedral next year.  

The election process, originally started in the time of King John, was instituted in the 16th century and is an important tradition as it shows our local support and commitment to the appointment of Debbie as our Bishop, following the announcement made by Downing Street. 

All of these steps emphasise how Bishop Debbie is supported and upheld by the church locally and nationally in her mission in the Diocese. 


Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough, signs the electoral certificates which will be sent to the King and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Notices of the election are also displayed in the Cathedral.



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