Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

In accordance with Section 48 of the Education Act all Church of England schools are subject to SIAMS under the schedule provided by the Church of England Education Office. SIAMS is a means of celebrating church schools and supporting them as they seek to develop, ensuring that they are places of flourishing for adults and pupils so that all can live ‘Life in all its fulness’.

The latest SIAMS Inspection schedule took effect from January 2019. As inspections resume following a break due to the Covid pandemic the schedule has been amended to better reflect life in our schools at this time.

On the Church of England webpage you can find the amended schedule and the following documents:

  • Revised evaluation schedule, including an annotated version

  • Information for schools

  • Appeals and Complaints Policy

  • Inspection Deferral Policy

  • Covid 19 Policy

  • Methodist Principles of Education

From October 2021 all inspections will be administered by the National SIAMS office including carrying out DBS checks on inspectors and allocating inspectors to schools.

Please contact Jane Lewis, Assistant DDE for individual school support in preparing for SIAMS.

School self-evaluation

A summary document for self-evaluation that can be sent to the inspector as part of the pre-inspection material is available below:
SIAMS Summary Self Evaluation Form

SIAMS Summary Self Evaluation Form Strands

This flowchart is intended to guide schools in understanding which areas of school life fit within the strands of SIAMS.

Useful resources

Church of England Vision for Education

Mental Health and Wellbeing – Towards a whole school approach 

Valuing All God’s Children – Version 2 2017 

Church of England RSE information    

Spiritual Development   



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