Clergy join together for annual Chrism Mass

Maundy Thursday offers a wonderful time of fellowship and reflection as all our Clergy join together in their Chrism Mass in Peterborough Cathedral.

The service includes all the Clergy renewing their ordination vows and the Bishop blesses the oils used for baptism, anointing the sick, confirmation and ordination. These special oils symbolise healing, strengthening and consecration.  The Clergy then collect this oil for use in their parishes during the year. The service also offers a special time for our clergy to be together with their colleagues, to enjoy worship and ministry from their Bishop, prior to Easter weekend when they will be ministering to all in their benefices. 

This year saw Bishop Debbie preside at her first Chrism service in the Diocese, and she opened the service by warmly welcoming all her clergy and showing her joy at being together to share in communion together. 

The sermon was preached by Bishop John, who reflected on the Gospel from John 13.  Bishop John said he had two main issues with the selected verses, in that it kept in the washing of feet, but left out Jesus' betrayal.  He asked us all to consider how we deny Jesus every day, in the things we do, or the things we say, but that every day He restores us. Bishop John also noted that Jesus did two great things at the Last Supper, he blessed bread and wine, and he washed feet. Perhaps when he said 'do this in remembrance of me' he meant all of it.  We need to be a serving church, and he commented that Bishop Debbie's first visits in the Diocese had been to Christian outreach organisations. 

The service included the great hymns 'Servant King' by Graham Kendrick and 'Christ Triumphant' by Michael Saward.


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