The Curate Training Programme

In the Peterborough Diocese we aim to make Curacy Training as enriching a time as possible, laying further foundations after theological college for life-long learning, to which all in ministry are called. Curacy marks a new beginning and a precious time of life, full of changes, challenges and enriches the privilege of living out our calling.

Overall, the main aim in curacy is to prepare clergy to be sufficiently skilled, experienced, resilient and spiritually engaged to embark on the challenges and opportunities of the next stage of ministerial life beyond curacy.

Every curacy will therefore continue the work of formation for ministry which has already begun, and will develop and foster new skills and experiences through a combination of life in the parish, training days relevant to context, pathway and stage of curacy, reflection with curate colleagues, and a rigorous review process.

The Review process is based around the Church’s Formation Criteria (details of which can be found in the Handbook, Part 2, and can be downloaded from this webpage - see right hand column):

A. Christian Faith, Tradition and Life
B. Mission, Evangelism and discipleship
C. Spirituality and worship
D. Relationships
E. Personality and Character
F. Leadership, Collaboration and Community
G. Vocation and ministry within the Church of England
H. (Pioneer Ministry, where a curate is an ordained Pioneer)

Whilst new skills and experiences certainly form a significant part of curacy, it is the underlying dispositions, character formation and spirituality which provides the strongest foundations for ministerial life. There is therefore a strong emphasis in curacy on the integration of character, understanding and skills, and a focus on helping to resource and prepare curates to work in a range of contexts, with self-understanding, maturity and insight, as well as on skills and experience.


The Curate Training Handbook

Our programme is set out in the Curate Training Handbook, divided into two parts:

Handbook Part 1     this includes an overview of Curate Training in the Diocese of Peterborough, information about the annual review process deadlines, and information for Training Incumbents.

Handbook Part 2       this contains relevant documentation, including the National Church's Formation Criteria which are used for the Curates' Annual Reviews, and the Working & Learning Agreement used, amongst other things, to help clarify expectations between Curate and TI. These documents, and others, can be found on the website.


The Curate Training Diary

An overview of the training events from September 2024 - June 2025.

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