Would you like to try some training?

Living Faith modules are short courses, delivered over six weekday evenings or two or three Saturdays, on a range of subjects connected to the Christian faith and relevant to church and ministry. They assume no prior qualifications or knowledge, and aim to cater to a variety of learning styles. Many people with no academic background have enjoyed them, and benefitted from them in recent years.

Anyone can do any of the nine ‘open’ modules, without necessarily going forward to licensed ministry, and the ‘Introduction to the Bible’ module (Living Faith1) is accessible online, and can be completed in your own time. 

Below is the taster of available study modules:

LF1— Introduction to the Bible
           (accessible online and can be completed in your own time - support will be given)

LF2— Reading the New Testament 
           Acquiring a deeper grasp of the New Testament

LF3— Reading the Old Testament  
           The Old Testament and its Christian importance

LF4— Introduction to Church History   
           Getting a handle on the history of the Church and some key periods within it 

LF5— Pastoral Care in Ministry & Mission
           Exploring how Christians past and present to explore the nature of God

LF6— Christian Doctrine : we believe
           Comparing our experiences with Christians past and present to explore the nature of God

LF7— Ethics
           Finding a framework to help us respond to a variety of today’s moral issues

LF8— The Mission of God
           Understanding what God is up to now and how we can be part of it

LF9— Worship and the Sacraments
           Understanding how worship developed over time and in the Bible, to become the worship of today