Eucharistic Assistants

Many parishes have lay people licensed as Eucharistic Assistants to help with the distribution of Holy Communion. These licences are issued by the Incumbent or Priest-in-Charge following PCC agreement for each named person. There is a template below which parishes may wish to use.

Licences are limited to five years, and must specify the expiry date, though they can be renewed with PCC agreement.

It is permissible to licence children who have been confirmed or admitted to communion before confirmation: this provision is intended mainly for services in Church Schools (in which case the Head Teacher’s permission is needed instead of the PCC’s); in the case of a child, permission is also needed from a parent or guardian.

It is good practice for Eucharistic Assistant licences to be displayed in the vestry, or somewhere where they can be checked.

Any questions on this should be addressed to my Chaplain.


Download the documents here: 

Eucharistic Assistant Licence (word)

Certificate for Holy Communion to the Sick and Housebound (word)

Form of service for Holy Communion to the Sick and Housebound (word)

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